Amazing Facts about English you may not know.

English is a strange language. Here are some strange facts about English that you might not know. 1. The word ‘Swims’ when turned upside down still looks like ‘Swims’. 2. Dreamt is the only word in English that ends with letters ‘MT’. 3. There is no word in English Language which rhymes with orange, silver,…


Dimaag Ya Paisa?

Teacher asks Pappu, that what will he choose between Brains and Money? Watch the video to see Pappu’s hilarious answer. We are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Itna Khush Hoon ki Bataun Kaise.

LongyTV proudly presents, yet another funny, time pass, hindi- urdu shayari of Kumar Vishwashghat. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Dil me ek Jazbaat hai, Dabaoon Kaise, Ruswa na ho jaun, Chupaoon Kaise, Tanha chhod gai hai woh mujhe jabse, Maa Kasam itna khush hun, ki bataoon kaise. Yes we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and…