Musical Genius of Vennu Mallesh.

Today we introduce you to a musical genius called Vennu Mallesh. He is from Hyderabad, and dude is a force of nature. His Facebook page describes him as follows: U can know about Me in the Song ” It’s My Life whatever I wanna Do ” So without much ado let’s jump into Venu’s Discography. Musical Tsunami ahead.

This song is called “It’s my life whatever I wanna do”. This is probably the best and most popular song by Vennu, in which his musical talent is on full display. This song has got 5,049,107 and has over 40,000 likes in about one year. Watch out for the bandana wearing guy at 1:52, 2:07, 3:17, 4:21.

Next up is his musical version of Ice Bucket Challenge. This has received 490,705 since August 2014. This guy thanks himself in the end credits of this song.

This one is called “12 Angry Men”. We doubt that it’s inspired from the movie 12 Angry Men.

Last but not the least this one is “I Love You Dear”. With lyrics like “I Love You Dear, Why Can’t you hear, Please leave hear, And come soon here” it’s no surprise that the song has over 259,049 views in just a year’s time.

You can follow Vennu on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube.
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