5 Best Govinda songs from 80’s.

Govinda is back with two back to back releases ‘Kill/Dil’ and ‘Happy Ending’. We at Longy TV love Govinda, and we believe that he’s the best dancer Bollywood has ever seen. If you beg to differ then you can go to hell. We are celebrating the return of Govinda by digging some videos of Govinda songs from 80’s, from You Tube and sharing them with you. If your downloads are stuck for want of seeders then chase your blues away by watching these vintage Govinda songs from 80’s. Cheers! Enjoy.

This one is ‘O Miss de de kiss’ from a movie called Love 86. Yes, very clever for guessing that the movie released in 1986.

This is ‘I am a street dancer’ from a movie called ‘Ilzaam’ another 1986 release. God! 1986 was surely a swell year.

This is ‘Aa jaa aa. khelen game koi’. This is a gem of a song in which hero and heroine are discussing which sport to play. Movie was ‘Jaisi Karni Waisi bharni’ released in 1989.

‘Main Pyaar ka Pujari’ from Hatya, released in 1988. This movie was directed by Govinda’s brother Kirti Kumar.

And last but not the least ‘Aa ke aa jaane se’ from the movie Khudgarz released in 1987. This is actually our favourite Govinda song from 80’s.

Ok, it says 5 songs in the heading, but we like to give more then we promise. So here is a gem of a song which even we didn’t know existed until we went looking for Govinda songs from 80’s. Govinda appears almost in the middle of this video, so be patient ‘Sabra Ka Phal meetha hota hai. The song is called ‘Its my Challenge’ from the movie, Pyaar Karke dekho released in 1987.

Next, we’ll do Govinda songs from 90’s. Look Out! and like us on Facebook.


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