You won’t believe what Sid Mallya has done now.

Just when you thought that life couldn’t get any worse, it has somehow managed to gotten worser. Remember that bloke called, Sid Mallya, whom we thought we had gotten rid off when he packed his bags and left our shores to try his luck in Hollywood? Well guess what? Sid Mallya has appeared on YouTube, with his own channel called…what else? Sid Mallya, where he is hosting his own show called #SidSesions (Why the fuck everything has to be preceded by a hashtag these days?) The premise of #SidSessions is that Sid Mallya responds to comments and messages sent to him via social media. In Sid Mallya’s own words it’s “pretty self explanatory”.

What can we say about the show except that watching paint dry will be perhaps more exciting then watching #SidSessions. His father Dr Vijay Mallya has been declared willful defaulter by the banks around the country, and we declare Sid Mallya a willful assaulter of our senses. Sid Mallya has dropped 3 episodes so far, watch them at your own risk. You run the risk of wanting to pull all your hair out from your head or banging your head on the wall after watching these pieces of excreta.

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