Happy New Year!

TV viewers of a certain vintage will remember that back in the days, when there was no Internet, Mobile Phone, Whats App etc etc, the only source of Bollywood Songs on TV used to be a program called ‘Chitrahaar’ which literally means, a garland of visuals. If there would be any upcoming Festival or National Holiday then Chitrahaar would definitely broadcast a few songs related to that festival or holiday. For New Year’s it used to be a song called ‘Aane Waale Saal ko Salaam’ featuring Anil Kapoor from a movie called Aap ke Saath. This used to be a staple New Years song on Chitrahaar and you could depend upon this song being telecast somewhere around New Years Eve, like you can depend upon sun rising from the east every morning.

So here we are wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2015 through this evergreen New Year’s Eve Song. See you all in 2015. Naye Saal ka Pehla jaam….Aap ke naam.


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