Videos of this YouTube channel will not make you laugh uncontrollably or reach out for a box of tissues or change your life.

Have you ever seen a video of ‘Waffle falling over’? Chances are you have not and today is your lucky day, because we have got for you a YouTube channel called schnooleheletteletto, which specializes in making videos which have titles such as ‘Bag of potatoes on Jesus’, ‘Spinning Watermelon’ and ‘Egg on cheese’.

There is no big mystery here. The content of the videos is exactly what the title describes. Let’s take a look at the video of ‘Waffle Falling Over’. This video has over 3 million views and it’s only 5 second long.

Most of the videos are short, 5 to 10 secs in duration. Although there are some videos which are over one hour long such as this one titled “Toothbrush taped to the cieling” which is an hour long.

There is even a 3 hour long video of Opening and Closing doors for 3 hours. Take a look.

The Swedish creator of this YouTube channel, Carl “Kalle” Rövsenap says “There is so much shit on the Internet, that I decided ‘Hey I’m going to make even much more shit and see if I can get views too,’ and I did.”

Carl describes his channel as an anti humour, art project kind of thing and has over 20,000 subscribers and an small army of commentators who get the joke. Well next time you want to watch a video of Half of a watermelon in a plastic bag or Carrot in a Shoe, you know where to go on You Tube. And yes, you’re welcome.

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