First they arrest you and then you win. #IStandWithAhmed storms the Internet.

Heard about that American Muslim kid, Ahmed Mohamed who got arrested in USA for making an Alarm Clock? Well, it seems like the whole Internet has risen up in support for this kid, with even USA President,  Barrack Obama tweeting his support and inviting him to the White House.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the future belongs to kids like Ahmed. He has also invited him to visit Facebook in his Facebook Status update

Hillary Clinton has also come out with her support

Below are some funny tweets from around the world in support of Ahmed.

Here is another poignant tweet in support of Ahmed

Digital watchmakers Pebble also came out with support for Ahmed

Ahmed family has started a twitter account which is aptly called @IStandWithAhmed

His family is meeting lawyers to “stand for his rights”

Well not all the tweets were about support, here’s one by Author Tasleema Nasreen

Well we at LongyTV wish all the best for the kid and hope no kid has to go through a trauma like this. Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Subscribe on YouTube.


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