Meet the 2 year Old Van Damme of Iran.

There is a saying in Hindi which goes “Poot Ke Paanv Paalne me hi deekh jaate Hain” which translated in English would imply that a person’s aptitude becomes  visible right from the childhood. This can’t be more true then in the case of Arat Hosseini who is not even 2 years old but has already perfected yoga poses such as balancing splits as well as more traditional gymnastic moves like backwards walkovers and somersaults.



Arat began practising gymnastics poses when he was just nine months old.



His parents, who live in Babol in the Mazandaran province, say their son has had no professional training and practices for just 10 to 20 minutes daily.



Arat’s father claims he discovered his son’s talents when the toddler one day pulled his legs off the ground while gripping his father’s hand.

He hopes his son will one day become ‘unattainable’  in the sport. Well as do we. Check the video below

source YouTube

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