Shockingly Bad Art made by student protesters of Delhi College of Art.

Students of Delhi College of Art have gone on strike and have been protesting against the authorities for the past fortnight. One of their main grievance among many others is that they are being taught an archaic syllabus and they claim that one cannot expect to become a great artist under the present circumstances. If their art is anything to go by, they are probably correct.

One of the methods that they have chosen for their protest is to vandalize the public property of the college campus with their infantile bad art. One need only take a look at the pictures below to understand that things have gone really bad at, Delhi College of Art and the authorities really need to look into it seriously to improve the standard of Art being produced by students.  At least so that we get to see better art, next time when students decide to go on protest.

What is that? Is that supposed to be an owl, a monster, an ogre?

Bad Art_01  source:

What exactly is happening here? This not graffiti, this is called defacing the wall.



Did they get students from a local kindergarten to come and do the artwork? We are sure not cos they would have done a better job.



Well well well…



Kuch samajh naa aaye toh birds ki silhouette bana do.



Some more badly drawn hands and bird silhouettes.



So please, we urge the authorities at the Delhi College of Art to look into the falling standards of teaching at the college as soon as possible and impart good art education to these students.

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