11 Dogs Who Are More Popular Then You Will Ever Be On Instagram!

So you think you are a Social media king/queen. You like to take selfies and post them on instagram? Well today we have got some of the canine rockstars of instagram for you whose following will put your following to shame. Not only are they famous on IG but many of them have even written books and get to hang out with celebrities and superstars. Take a look at them and never again call yourself selfie king or queen. Ok?

11. mensweardog Menswear Dog (real name: Bodhi)  is an exceptionally handsome shiba inu with a better wardrobe than anyone you know.

Sup? #badinplaid #getyonumber

A post shared by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

10. digbyvanwinkle Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle may be the most popular canines in New Zealand. They’ve got a 298,000 wide fan base on Instagram and will gladly adorn virtually any costume for the sake of a photo.

"play the guitar they said. You'll get all the chicks they said."

A post shared by Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle ❤ (@digbyvanwinkle) on

09. trotterpup Trotter is a french bulldog who is now so famous that people started to recognize her in the streets of San Francisco.

My new whip

A post shared by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

08. barkleysircharles is a French Bulldog from gorgeous Seattle, Washington. Snorting, consuming, moving, spending some time with buddies or loved ones and meeting brand new friends are a few of Sir Charles Barkley’s preferred activities.

07. andrewknapp (real name: Momo) the border collie is so famous, that he even has his own hide-and-seek photography book named Find Momo.

Donuts on the legs never work. 🍩🍩

A post shared by Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) on

06. barkleythepom is incredibly expressive and wherever he happens to be on earth, he listens to Bob Marley, tricks people by camouflaging among the playthings in gift shops & visits local shelters.

05. mammasgonecity Jessica Shyba has probably captured the most organic and beautiful friendship ever witnessed of her two boys, Theo and Beau.

a little love and magic #perfectformula #theoandevvie

A post shared by Jessica Shyba (@mommasgonecity) on

04. itsdougthepug is the self declared king of pop culture, and once you start following him you’ll know why. He frequently recreates scenes from your favourite TV Shows, eats your favourite food and sometimes poses with your favourite celebrity.

03. thiswildidea (real name: Maddie) Maddies’s owner is a photographer and he loves to take amazing photos of Maddie. Maddie has nearly half million Instagram followers and growing!

It's like visiting Grandma's round here 👵🏼

A post shared by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on

02. marniethedog with 1.7 million followers, Marnie the 12 year old Shi Tzu is a true internet superstar. She is known for her tilted head and perpetually lolling tongue.

Don't worry I have a learners permit

A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

01. marutaro Maru, a very fluffy and very smiley Shiba Inu from Japan, brings joy to his 1.9 million Instagram followers every day. He posts an adorable goodnight photo or video every night, and will frequently encourage you to “be smile.”

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