Disney has been fooling us and recycling animation scenes!

This one is for all the animation nerds out there, who have seen all the Disney Animated Movies right from Snow White & Seven Dwarfs to Frozen. Did you know that Walt Disney and company recycled the same scenes and animation throughout classic films like Snow WhiteRobin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, and more?

We bet you didn’t. Well making an animated feature film is an expensive and labour intensive affair but we never thought that Disney would be reusing scenes from one movie to another. Well take a look yourself.

Pic 2

source: thequint.com

Pic 3

source: thequint.com

Pic 4

source: thequint.com

Pic 5

source: thequint.com

Pic 6

source: thequint.com

Pic 8

source: thequint.com

Pic 9

source: thequint.com

Well if you still don’t believe us, take a look at the videos below.

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