Chal Beta Spoon Selfie Le Le Re! Praise The Lord Selfie Spoon Is Here.

All the foodie instagramers, bloggers and facebookers rejoice. If you are the kind of person who was always caught between ‘Posting or eating’, worry not, your prayers are answered because someone at, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has invented a ‘selfie spoon’ to help you click selfies while eating.

According to TIME, the “selfie spoon” is a stick with a spoon at the end that extends up to 30 inches so cereal eaters can take photos of themselves while eating cereal. Take a look at the pic below.


And this is how a selfie spoon looks like in operation.


We even have a video for you.

Selfie spoon is operated through Bluetooth feature available on smartphones and works with both Android and iOS devices. You can order yours from We at LongyTV think that the best thing about this Selfie Spoon, is that restaurants and eateries across the world won’t have to stock spoons anymore, because everyone will now be carrying their own.

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