We make funny stuff and also provide links to more funny stuff on internet.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Vow, this site and the animations are amazing. i’ve worked with an e-learning company in the past where i worked with media teams, hence i know the amount of effort that goes into visualizing and creating these animations, Kudos, keep up the great work, cheers, Bhaven

    • Thanks for dropping by and checking out the videos, Bhaven. And thanks also for appreciating them. Do keep visiting, I upload new video at least once a week.

    • Thanks so much! Trying to keep pace with the Useless things happening around in the world is so difficult. But worry not! ‘Useless News’ is here to keep you updated…:) Do look out for the First Episode of ‘What does your Goldfish do when you are not at home?’ Will appreciate your feedback on that too.

  2. Hi LongyTV,

    thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments 🙂 No, I’ve never been to Mumbai, but it is on my list next time I visit! All the best, now let me go watch some videos 🙂

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