Goldfish Playing Ukulele.

Hey there everyone! Goldfish is back after a long break, and this time he is playing Ukulele. Hope yall enjoy this. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE! You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Goldfish Skipping Rope.

HURRAH! The brand new episode of our Micro Web Series ‘What Does Your Goldfish do when you are not at home?’ is here. Check it out and spread the word. Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter & Tumblr and Subscribe our YouTube Channel.

Goldfish Smoking a Joint: Ep 04

Yes, the Goldfish can swim but they can also get high. Here’s the fourth edition of ‘What does your Goldfish do when you are not at Home?’ So far we have seen the Goldfish Playing Golf, Solving Rubik’s Cube, Running on treadmill. Check Out what’s Goldfish upto now. Thanks for watching. If you like this…

Goldfish Playing Golf.

You either have a Goldfish or know someone who does. They just swim around in circles whole day right! WRONG! Goldfish lead a very fulfilling lives taking part in various engaging activities. But you wouldn’t know because you are not at home at that time. Here’s the first episode of Micro Series ‘What does your…