This Tiny Town In Norway Makes The BodyBuilders Feel Big!

What do you do, when you are a Body Builder and you have become as big as you can and you can’t possibly grow any bigger. Well… you visit a miniature town called Lilleputthammer, in Norway. According to “This deadpan comedy video sees a group of Norwegian bodybuilders visit the town of Lilleputthammer, comparing…

Lightning strikes Man’s Scrotum!

On May 3, 2012, a 53 year old man was minding his own business, taking a walk down the streets of Madrid Spain, when mother nature gave the man shock of his lifetime by striking him with lightning on his scrotum. Useless News investigates. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Coffee made out of Poo!

‘Kopi Luwak’ also known as ‘Cat Poo Coffee’ is made out of coffee beans digested and excreted by Palm Civet, a cat like creature found in jungles of Asia. Useless News investigates.