This Tiny Town In Norway Makes The BodyBuilders Feel Big!

What do you do, when you are a Body Builder and you have become as big as you can and you can’t possibly grow any bigger. Well… you visit a miniature town called Lilleputthammer, in Norway. According to “This deadpan comedy video sees a group of Norwegian bodybuilders visit the town of Lilleputthammer, comparing…

World’s Worst Traffic Jam!

So you think you face bad traffic jams on Delhi – Gurgaon Expressway. Take a look at the traffic jam in China, when people return from holidays. Looks like they are gonna be struck here until next holidays. Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe on YouTube.

You won’t believe what Sid Mallya has done now.

Just when you thought that life couldn’t get any worse, it has somehow managed to gotten worser. Remember that bloke called, Sid Mallya, whom we thought we had gotten rid off when he packed his bags and left our shores to try his luck in Hollywood? Well guess what? Sid Mallya has appeared on YouTube,…

Dimaag Ya Paisa?

Teacher asks Pappu, that what will he choose between Brains and Money? Watch the video to see Pappu’s hilarious answer. We are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.